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Trump Responds To Acosta Getting Press Credentials Back!

It’s sad that grown adults need rules to learn how to act at the White House but if they need them, write them up.

It would be great if Jim Acosta and his band of so-called journalist were actually there to report the news and get information, instead of there to harangue the President or Secretary Sanders. Wasn’t he kicked out in the first place for trying to argue against the administration’s phrasing and position, rather than asking a question?

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CNN should be prosecuted for a pattern of conspiracy against the federal government and the electorate; for its deliberate lying, deception, and manipulation of the electorate. It should receive a corporate death penalty: i.e., it’s corporate charter is pulled, its Board of Directors and the guilty managers prosecuted personally, its assets seized by the federal government, creditors paid, and the remainder put in the federal treasury.

When Trump was asked to respond to the lawsuit, he spoke of the need for decorum while saying the media was “treated unfairly” because of Acosta’s questioning.

“People have to behave and we are writing up rules and regulations. If they don’t listen to the rules and regulations, we will end up back in court and we will win. More importantly, we will just leave. Then you won’t be very happy. We do get good ratings…You can’t take three or four questions and stand up and not sit down. You were there and you understand. We want total freedom of the press. That’s very important. More important to me than anybody would believe. You have to act with respect in the White House. When I see the way my people get treated, it’s terrible.”

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Would have been wonderful if Trump had the Secret Service tackle Acosta and dragged his butt out of the press room and thrown him out of the White House. Please, Mr. President, for the good of the country, do it next time the little brat tries to weasel his way into the limelight.

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