Don Lemon GRILLS Gladys Knight Over Performing National Anthem At SuperBowl LIII

I love her stance. She fights racism when she sees it but loves our country and sees it’s worth respecting.

Gladys Knight appeared on Don Lemon’s CNN show to defend her decision to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

“People are going to have their opinions about whatever, and all I can deal with right now is what my heart says, I just want them to know that we have a country that’s worth standing up for.”

I admit that I do not understand the controversy here. Knight sings for a living. I don’t see how her not singing helps anything. All the boycotting the last Presidential Inauguration activities did not change anything. All protest is not good protest if it doesn’t further the cause.

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I wonder how many who a boycotting the musicians for the way the NFL is treating Kaepernick will be watching the game?

I’m wondering would we be asking this question if the performer was white? I don’t see Lemon asking Maroon 5 these questions. After all, the black athletes don’t hate our nation or the anthem, they claim are just trying to bring attention to the unjust treatment of black men in America as is their right! The same right to protest the players have been afforded to the fans who have shown their appreciation to the National Anthem for years.

I say have a great time Gladys Knight, you deserve this grand stage!

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