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Don Lemon Wants Trump Speech Delayed For Editing; Even Cuomo Has Problem With That

CNN’s Don Lemon wants Pres. Trump’s speech edited before it’s allowed to be seen by Americans.

The Dandy one thinks that Pres. Trump is going to lie to the American people and needs to be somehow corrected before the speech is dispersed to the general public. Another CNN personality Chris Cuomo look as if he was confused over the notion that this subject would even come up.

Lemon seemed frightened that Trump could make a solid argument by presenting his facts and he thinks that is dangerous. Cuomo corrected him immediately which I am surprised.

What would be different about the media wanting to edit what Trump says? They do it every day anyway.

And they can’t figure out why Trump calls them “fake news” when they’re literally suggesting that the news networks be given a chance to alter the POTUS’s address? If Cuomo is the voice of reason in your room, you’ve wandered into a loon bag territory.

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I hope nobody thinks the 1st amendment is safe in the hands of these progressives. The Constitution will be torn up and rewritten with the court’s help. Thank God for Trump’s appointments.

And by the way, let’s not canonize Cuomo just yet. They were probably playing good cop, bad cop (good reporter, bad reporter) right before your very eyes. The fact the Lemon would even suggest that is beyond absurd. To even suggest that an elected President be censored is criminal.

The free press MSM now think they should sensor the President of the United States on his content because they don’t agree with it. Isn’t this totally against what they expect for themselves.

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