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DOJ Declares Public Safety Emergency In Alaska — 59% Women Experiencing Partner or Sexual Violence!!

After learning and investigating claims of sexual assault, child abuse and physical violence against women in the state of Alaska, n Friday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr justifiably declared a public-safety emergency in Alaska pledging $10.5 million in federal funds to combat this serious situation.

Last month, when former special counsel Robert Mueller gave his speech about the Russian investigation report, AG Barr was in Alaska investigating a serious problem for women in that part of the country. It turns out it was much worse than imagined.

AG Barr: “Lives depend on it, and we are committed to seeing a change in this unacceptable, daily reality for Alaska native people”

Living on the east coast, I never even thought about the problems in Alaska or the dangers women and children have in that part of the country. With Barr’s reporting and decision to put $10 million to the problem, it’s a big deal!

The federal declaration, the first of its kind for Alaska, comes as the state grapples with the highest per capita crime rate in the United States. Barr visited the state last month, meeting with local authorities and crime victims.

“I witnessed first-hand the complex, unique and dire law enforcement challenges the state of Alaska and its remote Alaska native communities are facing,” Barr said. “With this emergency declaration, I am directing resources where they are needed most and needed immediately.”

Earlier this week, USA TODAY detailed the staggering level of violence directed against women in Alaska, where 59% of adult women have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse or both in their lifetimes; and where child sexual assault is nearly six times the national average. Of those victimized, nearly 30% had no access to help.

As part of the directive, the attorney general also ordered the FBI and other Justice Department components to submit plans within the next 30 days to further support the federal effort. [USA Today]

Hopefully, things can start to turn around because oversight for that part of the country has been little to none.

The trouble with these remote Alaska Native communities is they don’t want outside interference. They don’t want visitors to their communities and they don’t want law enforcement coming to their communities. They basically despise anyone who isn’t a native Alaskan member of their tribe.

If you’ve ever watched Alaska State Troopers? You can see how easy it is to get away with all kinds of crime. They are undermanned and cover huge swaths of land with only a couple LEO’s for each district.

What are your thoughts?


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