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DNC Cleaning House; All Staffers Asked To Submit Resignation Letters!

The Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has shaken things up by asking all staffers to submit resignation letters.

I see this as a major opportunity if it’s played right. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]A lot of DNC staffers who thought their jobs safe would talk if given a chance[/inlinetweet]. Whoever gets the heave-ho is who I would target to become a whistleblower for any investigations I have going on that would implicate the DNC’s criminal practices and operating procedures.

Democrats are loading up for 2018 and Republicans better be like raging animals by fighting just as hard. It’s no time to punt the ball thinking you have anything won.

Source: CNBC

Party staffs typically sees major turnover with a new boss, but the mass resignation letters will give Perez a chance to completely remake the DNC’s headquarters from scratch after staffing had already reached unusual low following a round of layoffs in December.

Immediately after Perez’ election in late February, a to adviser to outgoing DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile, Leah Daughtry, asked every employee to submit a letter of resignation dated April 15, according to multiple sources familiar with the party’s internal working.

A committee advising Perez on his transition is now interviewing staff and others as part of a top-to-bottom review process to help decide not only who will stay and who will go, but how the party should be structured in the future.

Major staffing and structure changes will be announced in coming weeks, one aide said.

The DNC declined to comment for this story.

Democrats are going to use President Trump to wedge a divide within the Republican party as they try to pull vulnerable candidates away from the White House so don’t see this as a surprise. It happens all the time.

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