DL Hughley Defends Debbie Reynolds Tweet; Claims It Was A Joke [VIDEO]

I knew comedian DL Hughley was going to use comedy as an excuse for his insensitive tweet about the death of Debbie Reynolds a couple of days ago.

That’s what comedians have been doing for a while now very figured I can say what they want to say and then hide behind the joke thinking they can get away with it.

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The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart did it all the time, as does Bill Maher. They think they can escape ridicule and public heat by saying “all I did was tell a joke.”

The story that I put up after I read the tweet had a lot a black Americans who were disgusted by Hughley’s insensitivity.

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Here are a few takeaways from the interview:

“I told a joke and people didn’t dig it, I understand. I tell jokes, that’s what I do. If people don’t dig it…that’s kind of their prerogative.”

“I imagine that they thought I was being insensitive, but most comedy tends to be insensitive.”

“I wasn’t attempting to be insensitive, I was attempting to tell a joke. And that’s what I do.”

“I believe that America is insensitive as it is, you voted from Trump. But you’re mad at me for telling the truth. F**k that.”


If you noticed in the video, he tried to swing the conversation against Donald Trump and away from him. That’s the mark of a coward. What did you think about this video? Drop your comments below.

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