Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Trolls Trump With Hate Tweet; Then It Went Weird

On Tuesday morning, Dixie Chick’s lead singer seems to have gone a little overboard with her trolling of the President.

Natalie Maines, who had a history with publicly going after George W. Bush, thought she would lay into President Trump with some early morning thoughts.

Maybe she thought he was going to respond to her, but I can say her tweets were weird. Reading them confused me toward the end. I came to the conclusion she probably had been drinking a little and let her finger do the walking.

Here is her first tweet:

Maybe this was an apology to the initial hate tweet?

It becomes somewhat of a mentorship role in this tweet right?

This was so far from the first tweet, I couldn’t even think anymore.

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I think she broke out of her vortex for the last tweet.

Either way, maybe Natalie shouldn’t be tweeting that early in the morning. Things tend to lose direction like that. Did any of you just go in and out of a zone? I apologize for taking you through that.

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Wayne Dupree

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