Disney Show Promotes Same-Sex Marriage to Pre-schoolers

Why not let children be children and do not put your agenda onto children and indoctrinate them.

I am going to come at this story from a Christian perspective so allow me space to vent just a little. It’s bad enough they brainwash kids about food on every network with fake news, rewriting the history of political parties to confuse the masses or promoting the no personal responsibility trait of the liberal agenda. Are we now we’re normalizing gay marriage for pre-schoolers? Can you say ‘propaganda’?

Am I being homophobic because I believe in the Bible? Or is that a word from those who seek to shut down my free speech?

NOTE: If a person chooses to get married to the same sex, that’s on them. But why do the pre-schoolers have to be fed this lifestyle when many of them will never come in contact with that within their families for an entire lifetime.

Back in April, a Disney show apparently had homosexual couples kissing. Now even for pre-schoolers, why is this teachable moment? Why do pre-schoolers have to learn this again?

Disney is no longer wholesome for innocent children. This lifestyle is fine for whoever chooses it but not fine to promote and push it on children. According to scripture, God made a woman for a man to be mates. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with this thinking even though today’s society tells you it is. Marriage was a gift from God for a man and woman who want to share their love United as one by God. You take away the family and procreation the way it was meant to be.

Think about that. Some families do not believe or practice homosexuality and they don’t make waves about their beliefs. There are some homosexuals who do not push their lifestyle into heterosexual faces either but yet the media is at the forefront of indoctrination for our toddlers.

Source: LifeSite News

The creator of the show, Chris Nee, is in a same-sex ‘marriage.’

Nee has admitted the show gets “political.”

In a 2012 interview with AfterEllen.com, Nee explained that she’s “definitely” thinking of ways to make Doc McStuffins more pro-gay.

“My son [Theo] has two moms and it’s a huge part of my life as a human being and it’s been an incredible part of the way that I see the world and the way I see characters and the way I want to create characters who are incredibly accepting of each other and whatever is happening in their life,” she said.

“I’ve never been anything but accepted in the world of writing kids’ TV, but I was surprised that Disney has been so beyond willing and excited to sort of publicize this part of my life and this part of who I am,” she said. “That’s progress!”

“Disney has been happy to celebrate who I am and who my family is,” she said.

If you as a parent want to talk about gay relationships at your home, there’s nothing wrong with that. But putting that on a disguise in a cartoon, then you start confusing little kids at an even earlier age who can’t process what the breakdown is leaving them asking their parent’s inappropriate questions.

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