Disgraced Donna Brazile Calls For Congress To Investigate “Russian Attacks On DNC”

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The Barack Obama administration is trying to force low information voters to believe that the Russians attacked the U.S. elections in 2016 to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. They are trying to play each and every one of you like a fiddle.

Obama and his henchmen are also trying to associate the DNC hack that happened in July with the Russians even though they have no proof.

Today, former CNN contributor Donna Brazile, who was caught sliding debate questions to Hillary Clinton via the Wikileaks emails that exposed John Podesta, is calling for an investigation into the Russians and this alleged attack that broke open hells gates to sink the DNC.

From The Hill:

Donna Brazile is calling on Congress to conduct a bipartisan investigation into Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election.

“As Chair of the Democratic National Committee — one of the main victims of the Russian attacks — I ask that you support and provide any needed assistance to an independent, bipartisan investigation of the attacks that includes public hearings,” the interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee wrote in a letter to Congress Sunday.

“What we do know is that these intrusions were not just ‘hacks’ — they were attacks on the United States by a foreign power, and they must be treated as such,” she said.

Brazile wants answers to questions regarding Russia’s intent and how the U.S. is preparing to prevent future attacks. She called for the investigation to be “thorough, independent, and bipartisan.”

“In defeat and when mistakes have been made, our country has a proud, honored and timeless tradition of coming together and rising above partisan politics to determine the truth, learn from the experience, and become stronger as a nation,” she said. “We hope that Congress will undertake this important work as quickly as possible.”

Let’s also remember the DNC had their dirty laundry shoved into the street and America was privy to the double dealings, corruption, manipulation going on within the Democratic Party. Not once did the Democratic leaders dispute the evidence, they just kept trying to blame the vehicle that exposed them.

It was a major bait and switch, but a lot of voters didn’t fall for it which gives me hope that this country is turning the corner against the mainstream media and political hacks.


You saw the video above of Brazile on a Sunday morning talk show. Do you think after what she did doing the election, destroying the integrity of the debates, should still be given a platform on TV? Share your comments below.

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