Dick’s Sporting Goods Employee Resigns Over NRA Attack; Pens This Letter!

Alex Degarmo says he’s done with Dick’s Sporting Goods after they decided to change their gun policy to hurt the National Rifle Association.

Degarmo’s letter said the following: “I turned in my letter of resignation at Dick’s Sporting Goods today. I firmly believe in standing by your beliefs wholeheartedly. Do not let others push you into giving up your rights.”

Here is the letter in its entirety.

This is a principled stand, in contrast to the leftist talking mega-phone David Hogg who allegedly hid in a closet in another building while his classmates were being murdered by a mentally unstable killer (whose criminal behavior was IGNORED by law enforcement and school administration some 50 times). Now, Hogg claims to be an expert on guns and public policy — too bad he doesn’t know anything about the Constitution.

This action taken by Alex is how people should act if their employer’s business conflicts with their personal beliefs. Although I’m sure, a replacement will be found pretty easily.

Neal Cavuto interviewed Alex on Saturday morning:

I will not buy anything from this store; these companies are a joke, they care about lives, but then nothing about abortion and all the dims who support it.

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This young man talked the talk and walked the walk. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and a lot of people in the “Entertainment” industry just talked the talk. It’s not like this kid is walking away from a job he’s known for several years, I very much doubt he’s going to be on the dole, he’ll probably have a new job in a matter of weeks.

I hope he gets hired soon and receives heaps of praise for taking this stand.

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