DHS Stops Weekly Sanctuary City Report; Communities Angry They’re Being Labeled!

Homeland Security created a weekly list so Americans could see who was complying with Trump’s order and now that’s suspended.

This was a good idea. Many thought it certainly would help in Trump’s argument against banning illegals from Mexico or anywhere with a criminal history. I think they should reinstate it immediately because Americans need to know whether or not if their city is on par with enforcing the law or not.

Source: Washington Times

Homeland Security has suspended its new weekly sanctuary city report, with officials saying they need to refine their methodology for figuring out who ends up on the name-and-shame list.

The list was ordered by President Trump, who in one of his early executive orders said it would give communities a chance to see whether their local police and sheriff’s departments were cooperating with federal agents to remove dangerous illegal immigrants.

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But the three-week-old list, officially known as the “Declined Detainer Outcome Report” and maintained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has become controversial as some communities strenuously object to being considered sanctuaries. Meanwhile some residents have been surprised to see their own jurisdictions not on the list.

“ICE remains committed to publishing the most accurate information available regarding declined detainers across the country and continues to analyze and refine its reporting methodologies. While this analysis is ongoing, the publication of the Declined Detainer Outcome Report (DDOR) will be temporarily suspended,” said agency spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez.

The Democrats know that they are consistently losing seats to Republicans and their only hope to regain power is to get as many illegal immigrants to come to the US and somewhere down the road get a path to citizenship. That’s also why they want poor, uneducated immigrants (both legal and illegal). Poor uneducated immigrants would almost exclusively vote Democratic for the freebies from the government.  The US government owes over $60,000 for every man woman and child in the country.

I hope they get this report back online and working properly. It’s needed!

We can not afford to take in the world’s poor and give them handouts. Our immigration policy should match other western countries that only allow educated people or people who know a trade to immigrate.

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