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DHS Officials — We’ve Built 42 Miles Of BORDER WALL Since Inauguration, REPLACED Existing Barriers

President Trump will win or lose on his progress on this issue in 2020. He has delivered on the economy (thank you!) and hopefully will deliver on stopping the invasion before it is too late. We need massive deportation also.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has constructed 42 miles of border wall that has mostly replaced existing barriers rather than extending the physical infrastructure at the nearly 2,000-mile long United States-Mexico border.

In a brief on border wall construction, DHS officials say the agency has completed about 42 miles of border wall, most of which replace existing barriers, since President Trump’s inauguration. About 205 miles of “new and updated border barriers have been funded” since January 2017, the brief states.

Additionally, DHS officials say the Defense Department is set to construct about 131 miles of “of new border barriers in place of dilapidated or outdated designs, in addition to road construction and lighting installation.”

In a breakdown by DHS, about 226 miles of the total 336 miles expected to be constructed is of update primary barriers, updated vehicle barriers, or update secondary barriers. The other 110 miles are designated for “new primary wall” and “new levee wall.” [Breitbart]

If I were President, the moment I heard “not one dollar” for wall construction, I would have left in place what amounts to Welcome to the US fences. I would let them in, take them to every Sanctuary State and City and make sure they get no welfare, schooling, food stamps, etc. etc., etc. If they are caught outside such areas, they would be imprisoned for five years at a minimum then deported. They should welcome them with open arms. Besides, they could use the help to keep their utopias clean from needles and feces and tents and such.

In all honesty, If Trump is serious about the wall he promised, he will close the Department of Homeland Security. Not threaten to close it, but actually, close it.

This would ultimately send a message about how serious he is about not putting up with these alphabet agencies in our government that have been clearly compromised by traitors to this nation, globalists and foreign interests, and that refuse to do what Trump (and the majority of the Americans that voted Trump into office) told them to do.

I got a little jab from one of my liberal friends when he said that $8.5 billion would be a big waste of money. I quickly reminded him that $93 trillion for a green new deal or the $63 trillion for Medicare for all, make the wall barely a speck on either of those policies. It was quiet for a couple of minutes after that.

While I would prefer we build the whole thing, I am ok with beefing up the walls where they’re needed most first, in and around cities and towns. Illegals are much easier to track and catch in open areas.



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