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Community Members Rush To Save Postal Worker From Pit Bull Attack!

A Facebook video has gone viral as a 52-year-old postal worker was attacked by a pit bull and the community came out to help save the man.

The attack happened Friday afternoon on Detroit’s west side as the mail carrier was making his delivery run. A passerby citizen noticed what was going on, stopped his car and took boldly jumped out of his car to help fix the situation.

Over a period of time, the driver was able to beat the dog off the postal worker but then the dog got up and chased an elderly woman into the house.

The Facebook video is a little more graphic in nature and language but difficult times called for difficult measures.

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The man recording the video then intervenes, using a trash container, a spatula, and even a steering wheel lock to try to get the dog to let go. The dog eventually released the postal worker but charged at one of the neighbors who was forced to run back indoors.

These animals were bred into existence by cruel humans who would fight them against one another in pits. I don’t blame the dogs, but they have no place in cities. Perhaps an argument could be made for security uses, but they should be outlawed without a special permit.

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I once saw a story once where Russians bred foxes to be tame. It took three generations of breeding to breed the aggressiveness toward humans out of them and it only worked by selecting the gentlest of the foxes for breeding. Imagine how difficult it is to breed the aggressiveness out of pits, especially when you don’t know the dog’s ancestral history.

That dog’s life is over regardless, it will be euthanized. Once a dog attacks someone like that, it will always be a threat to people. The best thing they could have done was to choke the dog out. I would have crushed the dog’s windpipe to ensure it wouldn’t attack anyone else. You do not want to discharge a firearm in that situation.

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