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Dershowitz Wants Apology From CNN — They Banned Me Because I Was Too Fair

Professor Alan Dershowitz has been fiar throughout the entire alleged Russian collusion investigation, and Fox News has been benefitting from his expertise on the matters and issues of the day.

Dershowitz wants an apology from CNN in regards to their banning him from appearances after he appeared on Fox News a few times but didn’t attack President Trump in the same manner they were doing it nonstop.

“If the president’s acts are lawful — I made this argument from day one and Attorney General Barr picked up my argument when he wrote his letter before he was appointed Attorney general. Look, I have been right from day one and almost all the other pundits and professors have just been dead wrong. It’s time for them to fess up, it’s time for CNN to issue an apology.”

“I was trying to assess what the essential issue was, and I wasn’t being partisan. They didn’t want that.

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Fox is prepared to present all side of the issues. I’m a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton but you have me on the air. CNN wouldn’t have me on the air because they only want a one-sided presentation.”

“Everybody who watched CNN was shocked by the conclusions of the attorney general. Nobody who watched me wasn’t shocked because I’ve been predicting this from day one.”

Dershowitz has been right all along. I saw him a year or so ago, and he was talking about being ostracized by people he had known for decades on Martha’s Vinyard. That’s how I knew he gets it – THAT is what leftists do.

He was a regular on CNN and MSNBC for a long time. He had an opinion about the impeachment being an overreach; they stopped having him on. That sounds bad on the network’s part, not on his. I believe on the issues he is still liberal.

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