Dershowitz RIPS Liberal Courts! If Obama Did Travel Ban, Courts Would Have No Problem

Liberal Attorney Alan Dershowitz has been in the news lately, and it’s refreshing that some days he will call out Democrats for the hypocrites they are!

Dershowitz appeared on Fox & Friends this weekend and spoke out against the courts overreaching once again to stop President Trump for utilizing his authority to protect this country how he sees fit.

The famed attorney also called out the judicial branches held but Democrats and how they were going off the rail to stop Trump when they would have let Barack Obama slip through the cracks with allowing him to put forth a bill like this.

If you look back through the years, Obama did this already, and the courts didn’t have a problem with it. Dershowitz said this morning that ruling based on campaign rhetoric is “not the way the law is supposed to operate.” Earlier in the week, Dershowitz who also writes for The Hill responded to the double standard and it’s a must read!

Source: The Hill

The lower courts gave considerable, indeed dispositive, weight to these anti-Muslim statements in deciding that the travel ban was, in reality, a Muslim ban that would violate the constitutional prohibition against discrimination on the basis of religion.

Under that reasoning, had the identical executive order been issued by President Obama, it would have been constitutional. But because it was issued by President Trump, it is unconstitutional. Indeed any executive order issued by President Trump dealing with travel from Muslim countries would be constitutionally suspect because of what candidate Trump said. In my view, that is a bridge too far. It turns constitutional analysis into psychoanalysis, requiring that the motives of the president be probed.

Watch the segment here:

What do you think of Dershowitz speaking out against Democrats in support of Donald Trump?

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