Dershowitz — I Will Fight For My Party Against Radical Democrats

Democrats look at Professor Alan Dershowitz as an apostate.

Their religious zeal is to be expected since politics is their religion and abortion is their sacrament. That’s why they hate Christians, moral people, and the Constitution.

Dershowitz doesn’t want to see his Democrat party move to the radical left because he knows socialism is not the key to govern our nation. The left goes after the Professor because he won’t use his platform to push their false narratives against President Trump. This exemplifies the problem on the left. If a Democrat dares defend President Trump in any way, even if it’s only in abstractly in principle, he is a defector and must be vanquished.

It doesn’t matter that he supported Barack Obama, doesn’t matter that he was against Trump’s election, doesn’t matter that he’s criticized him for other actions. Either he conforms, or he’s ousted. And this is also why the Democratic party is veering towards a split.

Video Transcript:

Dershowitz: Well, I want to see checks and balances on the three branches of government, and I think having the Democrats control the House is a good thing for America, but I will fight tooth and nail against –

Hegseth: But you wrote a book about not impeaching the president and that’s what they’re gonna try to do.

Dershowitz: They shouldn’t do it, and I will fight them on that. That’s what [democracy is all] about. You don’t pick sides. I’m a Democrat, but I will fight the Democrats. There are Republicans who will fight the Republicans if they try to abuse their authority. That’s what checks and balances is about. It’s not like you pick a side and you always support everything on their side. It’s complicated. I’m gonna fight for a Democratic House, but once it happens, I’m gonna fight against the Democrats abusing [the] House.

It seems to me that a more logical move for a “moderate” Democrat like Dershowitz would be to openly abandon the Democratic Party and declare himself independent of either party. To the extent that others would follow him, it would isolate the extreme anti-American left-wing that now totally dominates the Democrats. It seems to me disingenuous or extremely naive at best to continue to support the radical, Marxist mob while believing that you can internally influence them to abandon their Marxist tactics and learn to love The Constitution.

It should be quite evident that there is a vast difference between Leftist and Liberals.

So many Democrats are angry at the Professor because he’s a down the middle independent progressive. What they forget is that he provides legal commentary and there is no left or right when it comes to the law. He argued (rightly) on things such as there is no legal basis to have President Trump taken out of office for “mental illness,” that the Russian collusion allegations were weak and unlikely to go anywhere, and that the case against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was essentially non-existent.

The Professor never voiced agreement with President Trump’s policies or anything; he was only arguing on the law as it is abstracted from politics.

One of the things I like about Alan is that he might disagree with his party’s leadership but never attacks the voters who elected them like so many of the Republican pundits who hate Trump do.

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