Dershowitz BLASTS Obama Decision To Abstain U.N. Resolution Against Israel As “Nasty”

Professor Alan Dershowitz is acting like he’s surprised to find out what we’ve known for a while now. Barack Obama doesn’t care about Israel.

Dershowitz is not happy that Obama abstained from siding with Israel against the U.N. resolution last week. No doubt there will be many books written about Obama when he leaves office but unless they contain these words by liberal Harvard Law School Dean, Alan Dershowitz, “Obama is the worst foreign policy president ever” (paraphrase) then the books are not worth the paper they are printed on.

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Are they blind? Most liberal Jews are Democrats and have seen Obama do this kind of things to the beloved Israel for the last seven years. So why are they complaining now? Keep voting democrat, and you be sure if what they will do and say about Israel, and it won’t be good as always. Pay attention, read inform yourselves question it all pray for wisdom and guidance from God and not oneself.

So Mr. Derskowitz, your Harvard law degree did not help you in your voting choice. You voted for an enemy of Christians, Jews, even black people. You voted for a Muslim. This Muslim is an enemy of US, Israel, Christian world. Do you get it now?

Let’s be honest, unlike George W. Bush who showed a great deal of class and grace when turning over the reins of government, Obama has decided to use the Bill Clinton model of petty and juvenile action and zero class. Don’t think of the future just do you best to screw your successor and the country.

Obama is so infuriated Donald Trump was elected. Remember his “mic drop” smiling saying yea, but I’ve been President? He’s fuming and looking to do anything he can. His legacy is tragic, and Trump’s election ensured that.

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