Deportations Up 31% Since Trump Took Office!

Deportations are up holding steady as the rule of law continues to be implemented across America under the Trump president and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Illegals should have thought ahead of themselves, instead of cashing in on the free ride open border crap Barack Obama fooled them into thinking was going to work.

When you are an illegal, sooner or later, you will pay the consequences of your actions. Trump’s crackdown is not destroying families or relationships as the left states, that’s the person who fails to follow the law.

Typical hypocritical Democratic philosophy is to pass the blame and take no responsibility. Democrats are afraid of losing the illegal votes. Otherwise, they don’t care about illegals either.

If this keeps happening, Trump will win re-election by a larger landslide the Ronald Reagan’s.

Source: Fox News

From February 1 to the end of July, there were 57,069 illegal immigrants who were either deported or left voluntarily. That’s a 31 percent increase from the same time period last year, when there were 43,595 deportations or self-deportations.

At the same time, those allowed to stay in the U.S. declined by 21 percent, the figures showed.

The Justice Department also touted that under Trump, the notoriously backlogged immigration court system –- which sometimes had people wait years for a hearing – was returning to the “rule of law.”

The president has vowed to speed deportations and cut down on the growing backlog of cases. He issued an executive order in January calling for a national crackdown. After Trump issued the order, the Justice Department dispatched dozens of immigration judges to detention centers across the country and hired an additional 54 judges. The agency said it has continued to hire more immigration judges each month.

“I think they’re going to again proclaim Donald Trump to be the deporter in chief of the United States,” said Andrew “Art” Arthur, a former immigration judge, “when in reality this is simply a return to the way immigration law was enforced for decades.”

Funny, because to hear the Liberal Mainstream Media and the Democrats tell it, former President Barack Obama, was the “Deportation President!” They forget to mention that as quickly as illegals were being deported, they were returning and because Obama refused to back the Border Patrol. He also told ICE agents, to stand down, and sanctuary cities, not to cooperate with law enforcement or the Fed’s, as it was rapidly turning into a huge circle jerk, and the illegal’s all knew it, and took advantage of it!

President Trump is doing his job, and cannot even get credit for all of the good that he is doing! Pathetic!

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