Dennis Michael Lynch Discusses Border Security, Political Correctness

Dennis Michael Lynch was interviewed Sunday by Shannon Bream on the Fox News show “America’s News HQ”. Lynch, an award-winning entrepreneur and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, is relentless in his pursuit of the truth and demanding accountability in border enforcement. Two of his films have extensive footage along the southern border and show America just how dire the situation is and that our fence is a merely an illusion of security.

Shannon Bream started the interview by stating that Lynch predicted there would be attacks like those Canada endured last week. She asked Lynch to give his take on the northern border. He pointed out that the northern border is twice the distance of the south and has only 32 miles of fence. Additionally, there are more Islamic terror groups operating in Canada than there are in Mexico. “The threat is real”, he said, and “the risk is unbelievable”.

Dennis Michael Lynch made an excellent point in that problems in our country, especially illegal immigration, could be eliminated if we stop following the doctrine of political correctness. Lynch promises to always put the concerns of the people “above anything else, especially political correctness.”

Bream asked Lynch about his 2016 presidential bid and if he has enough support, also mentioning that her social media accounts blow up every time she has him as a guest. Lynch said that he has added over 1,000 volunteers per week since his announcement is Scottsdale, Ariz. on October 4th. He also said he will officially declare his candidacy in 2015.

Following the Bream interview, Lynch posted on Facebook about how he answered her question about his level of support. He said he liked his answer, but next time he’s asked whether he has enough support, he will say:

I think so. I think we’re going to change the world.


Dennis Michael Lynch was interviewed Friday by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, “The Kelly File”. He told Kelly that he is exploring the idea of running for President. Lynch said:

I will announce in the future that I am going to run for the presidency, and the reason why I’m doing that Megyn is because I’m absolutely in love with my country, I’m in love with the American people. I want to protect them like I would protect my children, like I would protect your children, in the sense that somebody has to step up and get this country back on track, to protect Americans, their jobs, their lives, their health.

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