DeNiro — I will never play role of Trump in a movie

I have lost all respect for Robert De Niro! He has a right to dislike Pres. Trump, but his continual bawling about it has lost him many fans.

Actor Robert De Niro revealed that there is one role he would never play, and that would be imitating Pres. Trump. Guess what, we don’t care.

De Niro pretends to be a tough guy in movies while Trump is a tough guy in real life. If De Niro is faced with making the kind of decisions that Trump has to make on a daily basis he would be soiling his pants every day.

It’s hilarious how this man knocks Trump on his achievements. Knocking where Trump went to school and all that, yet this fool never even finished middle school. Yes. Smart man. But complete hypocrite just like the rest of Hollywood.

Source: Fox News

Legendary actor Robert De Niro portrayed many iconic roles on screen and always seems open to taking on new ones. However, the “Godfather II” actor revealed that there is one role he would never play.

“You want to guess? I’ll give you one guess – no I’ll tell you. Donald Trump,” De Niro said when asked by an audience member at Saturday’s Tribeca Talk in New York City with fellow actor, Bradley Cooper.

After answering the question, De Niro chuckled as the Tribeca Hub studio erupted and cheers and laugher. This isn’t the first time of late that De Niro has gotten political with his opinions and role choices. The star appeared on last week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” to portray Robert Mueller.

An actor should be able to convince the audience they are the character, not an actor playing a character. The only character he’s ever done that with was Travis Bickle.

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I find it interesting how wealthy actors and actresses from Hollywood feel that their political opinions matter more than those of us in the working class. I find it interesting how they feel I should pay more taxes to support their causes. I find it interesting how they live in gated communities with security guards, yet feel my right to defend myself is a threat to the nation. Most interesting is how they call people like me names, just because I do not see things the way they do.

The bottom line is this, De Niro is irrelevant at this stage in his life so he has to make noise because no one cares about an old washed up actor.

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