Robert DeNiro Vulgar’s Language Toward Pres. Trump At Tony Awards Gets Censored

Robert DeNiro is proving that the entertainment industry is filled with temperamental, attention seeking blowhards.

This is why the movie industry is tanking. Television viewership is down, and Hollywood continues to be an echo chamber to themselves. They have no power over the American people anymore, and it’s awesome watching them blow up.

This is called hatred to the highest degree. You would think that these so-called adults would be more responsible like the old stars from the past but these malamutes are nothing more but feeble feckless line readers who are hypocrites in the worst way.

They rage against guns, yet they use guns and many of them in their movies. They make movies about saving kids and babies from death and destruction but yet they support Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices. Hollywood makes public service announcements from their studios for minority inclusion, yet they do not go into the urban communities to help out.

All of the people that stood up and gave DeNiro a standing ovation are reprobates. They are mindless seals who are paid to hide their convictions while being afraid to express their true feelings about political topics.

If I sound like I am pissed off, it’s because I am. Stop purchasing Hollywood movie tickets and start turning off regular TV shows. It’s imperative that we show these actors who are really in charge of the box office.

DeNiro is an aging old coot. He thinks he’s the voice of the Hollywood majority against Trump so let him. We know he’s on his way out like John McCain.

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