Dems Will Resort to Campaign of ‘Character Assassination … and It Will Backfire’

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. sat down with Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends to discuss the left’s response to President Obama’s debate performance.

The Obama campaign and its surrogates have claimed Mitt Romney’s apparent victory was based on faulty claims and outright lies. Former VP Al Gore has even said that he believes the high altitude in Denver affected the president, who only arrived in the area a few hours beforehand.

Johnson Jr. says Democrats are trying to convince voters they “didn’t really see” what they thought they saw on Wednesday night in Denver, presenting “one excuse after another.” He predicts the left will launch a wave of attacks against Romney in the coming days and weeks.

“We’re going to see, I believe, the hugest campaign of character assassination in American history that’s going to go forward. And I also predict it’s going to backfire,” said Johnson.

Via FoxNewsInsider

Wayne Dupree

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