Dems Will Never Make America GREAT, It’s Not In Their DNA

How will any Democrat Make America Greater than President Trump? The entire goal of the current Democrats is to repeat the epic failed policies of the Obama era, implement unsustainable socialism and increase freebies.

It won’t matter who the Democrat’s nominate if the economy stays positive and people have more money to spend. The Democrats want more of your weekly check not less. Democrats = BIG GOVERNMENT and more taxes.

Democrats currently have no one that could seriously challenge the sitting President. All of their potential candidates are way too far to the left, and they have no one with a broader appeal or centrist political views.

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Right now it seems they only want a more and more radical candidate. None of them seem to have a concrete plan to make the lives of the people in this country better and to unite us as a nation. Unless someone like Barack Obama sets himself/herself apart from the others, they are in serious trouble.

It is sad what the Democrat party has become as I was once part of that political debacle. I didn’t know any better, but I left when they tried to push Barack Obama as the new Christ child. It was shameful and pitiful, and I didn’t want any parts of their crap after that.

They can’t run on issues and accomplishments anymore; they have to resort to childish gimmicks (like Obama) and try to trick people into voting for them.

Democrats roadmap for democracy. 1) Decide the candidate based on what the party wants. 2) try to convince the electorate that the pre-determined candidate is really capable and condemn anyone that speaks badly 3) lose the election and blame everyone but themselves.

The problem with Democrats, Liberals, and Socialist is they are so divided, that no one candidate will make it anywhere. People listen as the loud minority attack each other; the silent majority will reelect Trump.

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Do we really want another Democrat that will pay our tax dollars to climate change pipe dreams, and send all the regained jobs back overseas? Obama says the increase in the economy was due to him, but you look at past speeches, and he’s trying to apologize for why jobs were leaving and go elsewhere.

The current president has been trying his best to rescue America, and as we continue to watch how the Democratic party is divided, it is not likely we’ll see a Democrat elected anytime shortly.

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