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Opinion: Thinking And Governing Competently Are Not In The Democrats’ Skill Set

The Democrat party from the 1930s until 1994 except for one term had control of the house.

Often they also had the Senate and during this period they developed many alphabet agencies to shield themselves from the negative impact of regulations that only served the purpose of the donor class and most often screwed the people. bipartisan meant the Republicans went along with Dems most of the time always in the direction taking freedom from the people.

This built an entitlement mentality, entitlement to be the Lairds in the new feudal system they were constructing.

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It may not be about anything other than Lairds and serfs, I think a great deal of their v base has figured out they will be serfs and Pres. Trump hit that nerve. This scares the heck out of the entitled for it predicts the destruction of this new power dynamic. That is what this is all about the Entitlement to be in charge and to continue to prosper on the backs of the people. It is not the billionaires, Bernie, it is you.

Most of the Billionaires have been addicted to production, wealth and well being unlike the rabid members of the Democrat party and in fact politicians of brands. It is just on the Republican side most can do something else on the D side losing the entitlement to at the top of pile means some will end up on the bottom of pile.

This is the reason they have no program for keeping us strong or building the country, their only concern is that they are threatened and this leads to their irrational temper tantrums which show the shallowness of their intellect. The kicked all of the smart people out.

Thinking and governing competently are not in the Democrats’ skill set.

Case in point. How does one get non-American’s to abide by logic and relinquish their hate towards America? It is past the point of “debate.” These people cannot be reasoned with, they HATE America and American’s. How many million’s upon million’s have entered the country by legal and illegal means over the last 50 years? When one enters a foreign land they despise, reap benefits intended for the indigenous population, and force their way of life down the throats of that indigenous population, what do you suppose their intention is?

California is the poster child for demonstrating how perfectly Democrats can destroy even a state with spectacular natural resources and massive powerful tech companies (and all the wonderful and taxable riches they produce).

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California’s cities are plagued with serious health concerns and filthy streets (used needles and human feces all over the sidewalks), crime, corruption among city officials, tax rates among the highest in the country, the largest number of welfare recipients of any state, failing public schools, massive homelessness, severe housing shortages, and government financial shenanigans that would put a private sector CFO in jail and the powers that be respond with more sanctuary designations and rights for illegal aliens, evermore lenient laws for criminals, more building restrictions, more cumbersome regulations and higher taxes for residents, i.e, they double down on the exact policies that caused all the problems to begin with.

My belief is they’re so power-hungry that nothing else in life matters. Because once they gain enough power then the shams, cons, and thefts are protected. And it applies as well to a bunch of Repubs.

When’s the last time you saw a poor politician?

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