Democrats Vote To Remove SuperDelegates Power To Pick Presidential Nominee

The reason why Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in 2016 is that she ran the table on superdelegates.

Nobody had heard of such a thing. Both private political parties include delegates, but the Democrats created another tier of delegates on of the regular ones which they probably raised more money.

Sanders led Clinton throughout the primaries until the superdelegates were imposed and then it was a cakewalk for the crooked criminal. Looking at his from afar and down the road, this is the beginning of the end for the Democratic party.

The socialist side of the party is going to rise and defeat the liberals as they would have done in the past election and they won’t be the wiser for it.

Source: Politico

Democratic Party officials voted Saturday to strip superdelegates of much of their power in the presidential nominating process, infuriating many traditionalists while handing a victory to the party’s left flank.

The measure’s overwhelming approval – met by cheers in a hotel ballroom here – concluded a tense summer meeting of the Democratic National Committee, which had labored over the issue since 2016. Superdelegates that year largely sided with Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, enraging Sanders’ supporters.

Under the new rule, superdelegates – the members of Congress, DNC members and other top officials who made up about 15 percent of delegates that year – will not be allowed to vote on the first ballot at a contested national convention. The change could dramatically re-shape the calculous of future presidential campaigns, rendering candidates’ connections to superdelegates less significant.

The GOP didn’t have to create a cheating brand like superdelegates even if they have their quirks too. I am happy because the Democratic Party is just about defeated and it will be during my lifetime.

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