Democrats Starting To Get Physical With Republican Lawmakers At Town Halls! [VIDEO]

Democrats are starting to get physical with Republican lawmakers at Town Halls over the healthcare act changes the House pushed through over a week ago.

It seems that liberal snowflakes, young and old are starting to escalate physical abuse against Republican legislators across America. Not only are they shouting down the speaker, but it also looks as if they are resorting to physical violence.

This is mostly attributed to Republicans wanting to fix Obamacare and not being able to break down exactly what it means to the everyday middle-class family. Whether our lawmakers want to believe it or not, most of these blue collar workers watch CNN and MSNBC who lie on a regular basis.

So when our people come around to talk about what changes are in the legislation, if they are not convincing, things happen. I suspect that happened in this case.

Source: Daily Caller

A man got physical with Republican North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer at a town hall meeting Thursday before being escorted out by police.

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The man was yelling at Rep. Cramer, “Will the rich benefit from, if the health care is destroyed, do the rich get a tax break? Yes or no?” He then shoved cash into the congressman’s collar, saying, “There you go, take it.”

Cramer responded, “That’s too far,” and police escorted the man from the meeting. Another man was escorted out after he stepped in and blocked the man yelling as he was angrily approaching the congressman.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow described the scene as, “This man showing his disgust with the Congressman’s support of tax cuts for the wealthy, one part of the GOP plan right now.”

The man didn’t have a right to touch the Rep. Kramer. However, that’s where the American people are, and our so-called leaders need to work on messaging and stop dilly-dallying around.

What did you think of this encounter? What would you have done if you were in attendance? Share your voices below in the comment section.

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