After Nearly 50 Republicans And Speaker Leave Congress, Democrats Poised To Take Control

No more FBI investigations, a revival of the deep state and domestic spying are on the horizon and oh yes, welcome new illegal citizens!

I sure hope Democrats repeat their previous losing strategy and install Pelosi as Speaker. Should lead to a blowout in 2020!

How do you allow all those Republicans and the Speaker of the House to leave when you have the opportunity to fix the nation and put it on the pathway to prosperity? How?

I wouldn’t call it a “blue wave.” We still have a GOP-majority Senate, Gubernatorial, GOP-led Executive, and a GOP-majority in the courts. Dems will investigate and threaten impeachment, but they don’t have enough control to push any action through to reprimand the president.

And for all the uproar over the last two years against Republicans, Democrats have hardly gained any extra momentum to profit from all the energy they put into riling up their leaderless base. Play nice with the president or be replaced in two years.

Source: Daily Wire

Fox News and NBC called the House at 9:30 pm. EDT, declaring that Democrats have taken control of the chamber. So yes, Trump’s Republican Party has lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives, as predicted, but Democrats could well install Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the new Speaker — and that’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

The 78-year-old Democrat from California, who was House Speaker from 2007 until the GOP took control of the chamber in 2011, is poised to resume that powerful position — and she wants it.

“I feel very confident in the support that I have in the House Democratic Caucus, and my focus is on winning this election because so much is at stake,” Pelosi told reporters in July. Just this month, she told The Washington Post: “Nobody is indispensable. But I do think that I am best qualified to take us into the future, protect the Affordable Care Act, to do our infrastructure bill and the rest. Stepping down this path, I know the ropes.”

And Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said a few days ago: “I expect Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, and I believe that she will be Speaker until she decides to leave.”

Ok, the Democrats control the House so let’s see how much the economy slows down. Then let’s see how quick they start blaming Trump that his actions are finally destroying Barack Obama’s economic recovery. I said it before, and I will repeat it, how do Republicans destroy all the great things the Democrats do? They let the Democrats win control of a branch.

Good night for GOP in a way. Liberals don’t even understand how the government works and they certainly don’t understand historical trends and patterns. Picking up this many seats in the Senate in a mid-term election is exceptional. The house is called the lower house for a reason.

One more thing, remember checks and balances. Two years ago, we would have signed up to own the Senate, Supreme Court, and Presidency and give the Left the House. As long as the Democrats keep embarrassing themselves, trying to convict our leader, they will cause their demise. Keep your chins up; we are still the majority.

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