DNC Tries To Make Judge Kavanaugh Look Bad — Even Photoshopped Wrong Pic!

In their attempt to attack Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the new Supreme Court nominee, Democrats are falling over themselves making idiotic mistakes.

On Monday night, they created signs for whoever Pres. Trump was going to choose and didn’t hide that bias. Planned Parenthood sent out a tweet, and instead of Judge Kavanaugh’s name, they had “XX” where it should have been written.

Now they’re trying to make Judge Kavanaugh look bad; they photoshopped the wrong photo headshot on a tweet from their official Twitter account as they were trying to make a fake report.

These actions are called “out of control!”

Source: Washington Examiner

In their graphic accompanying an ominous Monday blog post on his nomination, the committee cut his upper body out of a headshot, draped it in shadows, and positioned him against a darkened image of the Supreme Court.

Or at least they thought they did. As it turns out, the picture was actually of Judge Thomas Hardiman.

Hardiman, of course, was one of the finalists President Trump considered nominating to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat before landing on Kavanaugh. The DNC’s error was captured in screenshots.

But, fear not, they eventually figured it out. Atop the DNC’s post — in which they hysterically claim “any senator who cares about the rights and dignity of the American people should oppose his confirmation” — now sits an equally ominous rendering of Kavanaugh, glaring menacingly into the distance.

Unbelievable! Democrats have been so “riled” up since the announcement, what else is new? These socialists could care less about this country. It’s all about they have the “ball,” and if they don’t get their way they will hold their breath and have another tantrum, until maybe somehow they’ll get their way. They all need to be “spanked,” and you all can do that by voting every single Democrat out of office!

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The rock stars and super elite of the Left and Democratic Party do not understand the average American, whichever affiliation, finds their attitudes and behavior disgusting.

I don’t see anyone voting for the Democrats. How in the world could people support lawless fascism? Even Germany saw this a long time ago.

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