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Trump Responds — Views On Wall Haven’t Changed; Mexico Will Pay “Directly Or Indirectly”

President Trump responded to his Chief of Staff John Kelly who shocked many supporters on Wednesday night when he said that Commander-in-chief’s views have changed.

The government shutdown looms today as Friday’s deadline is almost here. Democrats have said they will not sign a continuing resolution unless their version of DACA is signed giving millions of illegal recipients automatic citizenship. Kelly said Trump’s position has changed since he started governing and it’s likely he will sign legislation in some form to give them citizenship. He also feels Trump’s position on the wall has changed.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and some Republican Senators are acting as if Trump is not sure what he wants and they want some clarity so they can direct their efforts.

Thursday morning, Trump responded to the confusion with a couple of tweets:

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Trump supporters want the wall. I think many are beyond Mexico paying for it now as that seems to have dropped off significantly since the campaign of 2016. I think I am on target when I say, Trump supporters can forget the Mexico part as long as the wall is built but many will be angry at DACA passing if it happens.

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