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Gearing Up For 2020 — Democrats Launch “Massive” Document Probe Into Trump And Associates

Democrats want to tie up as much of the Trump Team for the next year, which is why they have

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said the following: “We have sent these document requests to begin building the public record.” Who is he kidding?

Eighty-one people are about to be hit with haggling by the Democratic party. Infanticide is in follower-mode by the left, religious values are being attacked, mocked, and ridiculed by dem presidential candidates, ridiculous policy resistance is hurting our country. Noone is overreaching by saying the Democrats are beyond evil.

You would think someone on that side has some common sense to pull them back from the cliff, but they seem to want to go over the ridge at full speed. Not only are the Democrats persecuting President Trump and his associates, but they are also doing the same to Americans.

The House Judiciary Committee has requested a sweeping list of documents and information about possible obstruction of justice and corruption by President Donald Trump and his associates, including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and one of his closest advisers.

Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s requests to Manafort and his public affairs consultant, Jason Maloni, could indicate Democrats on the committee believe there may have been back channel communications between the White House and Trump’s former associates about presidential pardons.

Overall, 81 people and entities received letters and document requests from Nadler, including key staff on the president’s 2016 and re-election campaigns, his inaugural committee, his family and his businesses.

The president’s eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are on the list, along with Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner. [via Roll Call]

I blame the voters as well as the Republicans. Any conservative or Republican that stayed home during the midterms deserves to be shunned. Goofballs who believe in divided government and freeloaders, socialists, communists, America haters got what they wanted. But the worst are the people who claim both political parties are the same. They got to be the dumbest human beings on the planet.

The opposite party always harasses the President and conducts investigations. When you get to Washington, you are surrounded by your enemies. I am not that partisan not to understand this.

We’re being censored by social media and need your help to continue to fight against the opposition media lies.

It just seems that Democrats are a lot more angry at Trump and willing to pull out all the stops than what the Republicans did to Barack Obama. During the Obama years — as in previous presidencies — Congress regularly asserted its right to conduct oversight on the executive branch. This oversight can be particularly aggressive when at least one chamber of Congress is controlled by the opposite party of the one holding the White House.

In this case, Trump is right. They are harassing him because he won, not because he actually did anything wrong. They are desperate to get him out of office, no matter if they lie cheat or steal because for them it’s the ends that justify the means.

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