Democratic Party Supporter Bob Beckel – “I’m getting awfully tired of defending Bill Maher,”

Co-host Bob Beckel said that Obama has had to contend with the internet-era and that could be “dangerous” outside the fact-checking filter of the media.

The panel also took on HBO host Maher writing that the GOP was the “party of the apes.” Self-described creationist and co-host Eric Bolling said that this was a good thing for Maher to say, as a supporter of the theory of evolution.

“He crossed the line when the line when he decided to become the Super PAC guy with $1 million to the [Obama] campaign,” said co-host Dana Perino. “I think it matters.”

Tantaros said that Gutfeld insulted “toilet scrubbers” when he compared Maher to one. Gutfeld tagged Tantaros’ line by asking what a “dog that eats his own vomit is called.” He quickly answered his own question, “a Bill Maher impersonator.”

“I’m getting awfully tired of defending bill Maher,” said Beckel in response.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

Wayne Dupree

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