Democratic Dependency Failure – Mass. can’t find thousands of missing welfare recipients, Gov. Patrick defends

Governor Deval Patrick is downplaying the Department of Transitional Assistance admission that it could not locate 19,000 people who have either been receiving welfare benefits or have applied for them, saying the number represents a “broader class of people than those who are actually on the rolls today.”

At a news conference, the Governor kept referring to the number of people whose addresses could not be located as just “four percent” of the mailings.
This was discovered after nearly half a million letters were sent out to settle a lawsuit filed against Massachusetts last year in part by the liberal think tank, “Demos.”
The Department of Transitional Assistance says 19,000 letters came back, marked “Return to Sender.”
Fox 25’s Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked the Governor about it:
Sacchetti: Why should taxpayers have any confidence that the state can effectively oversee this system when we apparently can’t even locate 19-thousand people?
Governor: Voting information was sent to a very broad group of people, not all of whom are actual recipients of benefits today. They were sent as a result of a settlement in a lawsuit, anyone who had any interaction with the welfare system in the last year. Not all of those people are still on the rolls. Many if not most people receive their benefits electronically not by mail, but for the four percent of mailings that were returned, you bet your life we’re going to scrub through them and make sure the information we have is up to date.
Wayne Dupree

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