Democrat Strategist Ana Navarro —Trump Is ‘Coward, Unfit To Be A Human’

CNN recognizes contributor Ana Navarro as a GOP strategist but she is a Democrat, and I will call her that from this point on.

Navarro was against President Trump ever since he destroyed Jeb Bush during the GOP primary. She publicly said she voted for Democrat “crooked Hillary” Clinton and that just about sealed the deal with me that she was a full-fledged Democrat. She’s not even an RINO in my book.

CNN trots her out knowing she is going to attack Trump with her latina passion and penchant for rudely interrupting other guests.

Today, Navarro says that Trump is “unfit to be a human,” and that’s coming from a turncoat. Here is the video she spewed her hate:

Source: The Hill

“He’s not only unfit to be president,” she said on CNN. “In my book, his lack of leadership, his lack of empathy, his lack of courage — he’s unfit to be human.”

A vocal Republican critic of the president, Navarro said that Trump has made her “cringe” many times, but the president’s delayed denunciation of white supremacist groups had made her more “ashamed” than ever.

“I’ve been embarrassed about having Trump for president many times but no times worse than today,” she said. “I’m beyond embarrassed, I’m ashamed.”

Navarro said that Trump had a responsibility to unite the country after the fatal attack on protesters decrying white supremacist groups that had gathered in Charlottesville, saying that he avoided that opportunity in order “to pander to members of his base whom he did not want to antagonize.”

“He was a coward — he didn’t have the spine to behave like the leader of the United States, and I feel that to be shameful,” she added.

Navarro is the stereotypical overly emotional Latina. Insults are the way Latinas argue and can she spew them. If you look, you will notice it in other Latinos that come on the air. It is a Latino trait, and she supports illegals as well. She does not support Americans; she supports Latino’s. And white people in the U.S. are racist is her constant view. She is a spoiled brat who has achieved nothing. They kick Jeffrey Lloyd off and keep people, like her, that call the President and his supporters racists, bigots, human refuse, and unfit to be human. The world is upside down.

If Trump had jumped the gun and spoke out before he had the facts you would have jumped him for speaking too soon. He said they were still gathering the facts when he spoke. So to me, it looks like he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Everyone that was out of control Saturday. All sides were at fault. The death of the young woman should never have happened. All we have heard for nine months is how much the left is against Pres. Trump. All this hate stems from that. Until everyone stops this hate and negative talk we will never have peace.

Time for CNN to no longer be called a “news” outlet. To watch these propaganda fountains rail, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, PBS, you’d think nothing was happening in the world except how much they hate Trump. It’s beyond pathetic.

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