FLASHBACK 2013! Democrat Candidate Ralph Northam Refuses To Shake Republican Hand During Debate!

Democratic candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam refused to shake hands with his political opponent E. W. Jackson on camera.

It is tradition based upon manners and common decency that at the end of candidate debates or forums that each candidate will shake one another’s hand as a show of good sport.

Apparently, Democrat candidate for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam missed that memo. Not to worry, GOP LG candidate E.W. Jackson extended his hand to Northam in such a gesture, so you would expect it to be reciprocated.

At first, a viewer might give Northam the benefit of the doubt that somehow he doesn’t see the extended hand. But Jackson dispels that doubt by taking his outstretched hand to tap Northam on the arm and then re-extends his hand almost into Northam’s lap. Northam still refuses to take it.

Why wouldn’t Northam shake Jackson’s hand? Jackson is the very conservative candidate for Lt. General in Virginia’s governor race. What do you expect? The Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.


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