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Snowflake Journalists Angry First Lady Was Able To Travel And Pelosi Wasn’t

It seems that snowflake DC journalists aren’t happy that Melania Trump was able to travel while Nancy Pelosi was grounded from using a military aircraft.

It’s regrettable how these opposition media hacks equate First Lady Melania Trump to a working, elected official such as Nancy Pelosi, who is responsible for the government shutdown. Pelosi is not some run of the mill freshman representative; she is supposed to be the Speaker of the House.

Melania is authorized to use government travel during a shut down for obvious security reasons. Does anyone remember all of the previous Presidents are under Secret Service protection during the shutdown and while on travel?

First lady Melania Trump left Washington, D.C., on Thursday to spend the holiday weekend at her husband President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, and many were quick to attack her for traveling just hours after the president grounded Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On ABC’s “The View” Friday, regular guest host Ana Navarro brought up the topic, saying, “Let’s not forget that while he was canceling Nancy Pelosi going to visit troops in Afghanistan, Melania was flying on an Air Force jet to Mar-a-Lago in Florida.”

At the moment, Melania is probably a much greater risk of being harmed than anyone else under secret service protection other than Pres. Trump, Vice Pres. Pence and his wife.

All this whining proves the Deep State is hell-bent on eliminating Trump and Pence so Nancy can become the leader of the free world.

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