Republican Operatives Concerned Over This “New” Voting App Designed To Flip House For Midterms!

Republican political operatives learned about this voter app late in the game, and they have expressed concern over the genius of its creation.

The Vote With Me app was designed by Barack Obama, former aides who wanted to help win the turnout war and swing the House of Representatives back toward the Democrats. Nobody saw this coming, or this had to be the best-kept secret in a million years.

It tends to feel like a community app with special reminders and a feeling of participating in something that could net huge results.

The app has been downloaded over 100k according to the designer.

Source: Washington Examiner

“It just blew my mind when I saw it,” said a top Republican adviser of the phone app called VoteWithMe.

This is the most ingenious and devious thing the Democrats have come up with and I bet you’ll be writing about it as the key to any victory if they win,” said another former party official.

The phone application, available for free in Apple’s app store, was developed to “flip the House,” according to its website.

Those who download it turn over their contacts who are then linked with voting records, key races in their districts and contact information.

What users then see is the voting history of their contacts, their polling places, and if there is a key election in their district. It also shows their party registration, which one user said can be surprising.

What’s more, individual or all contacts can be sent a message to get out to vote today, a powerful influencer and much more than a visit by a party official to a residence, according to one of the concerned Republicans.

It would be nice if our side would stop pouting and start creating. Why do we have to piggyback off these liberal platforms? When we get hit or removed, we yell, bi*** and moan about 1st amendment speech! God gave us the same intelligence he gave Democrats, and he gave us so much more, but we can’t focus it in the right direction.

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