Democrat Markey Swiftboats Navy Seal Republican Gomez in Massachusetts Senate Fight

Republican Gabriel Gomez is the underdog in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election and along with Democrat Ed Markey won their party primaries Tuesday night, and will face off in the U.S. special election in June to replace U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s former senate seat.

Gomez, 47, a former Navy SEAL and private equity investor, said he would be willing to reach across party lines to turn the country around and get it back on track.

Markey has decided that to beat this young upstart, he would have to go “scorched earth.” Markey released the following video tying Gomez with the Tea Party and being heavily funded with the GOP. Markey just put out a campaign video showing Gomez on a split screen with Osama Bin Laden.
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As you know, America deals with association whether it be word or visual, if it sticks to the wall, then it becomes part of the wallpaper. This is a swiftboat action if I have ever seen one. Review the photo.

  1. Darken Photo of Republican Gomez
  2. Removed is the signature smile that Gomez usually displays to a sinister type of look
  3. Imposing larger picture of Terrorist Osama Bin Laden that lays on top of Republican Gomez
  4. Bottom left hand corner gives you the impression that Gomez is Anti-Obama
  5. Bottom right hand corner tries to further discredit Gomez by associating him with “Dishonorable Disclosures” to t he 2012 OPSEC Education Fund.

@leginsurrection That’s racist!Conflating two dark-skinned males as”other.”#edmarkeyresign

— (@instapundit) May 2, 2013

These two men are vying for Secretary of State John Kerry’s empty seat. There’s no other way to look at it when you see the Democratic advantage in voter registration in the very blue state. But Republicans point to Gomez’s dynamic story, as well as his youth and the public’s dissatisfaction with Congress as reasons the GOP is dreaming of duplicating Scott Brown’s shocking upset win in 2010.




Wayne Dupree

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