Democrat James Clyburn Compares President Trump To Adolf Hitler

Rep. James Clyburn is a relic of the past. The 60s and 70s are all he cares to remember, and he’s not pushing out any new ideas in the House so why is he still there?

Clyburn associated President Trump with Adolf Hitler after his Charlottesville comments on Tuesday afternoon, and that just about does it for me. Trump is nowhere near Hitler. Democrats just can’t keep doing this and expect our side to lay in a dormant environment without pushback.

I know we have weak people on our side but there’s no way this sell out should be getting away with this. Why doesn’t anyone ask old man Clyburn why he gave up the second highest ranking position in the house for a fake office, fair duty title and a driver.

Source: NTK Network

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler in an appearance on CNN on Wednesday.

“We remember in our studies what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” Clyburn said. “I told a business group down at Hilton Head several weeks before the election that what I saw coming was a replay of what we saw happen in Nazi Germany.”

“Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. He did not become a dictator until later when people began to be influenced by his foolishness,” he said.

Clyburn then expressed fear that Trump would follow the same path: “We just elected a president, and he’s got a lot of foolishness going on. And I’m afraid a lot of people are being influenced by that foolishness.”

All Democrats do is spew hate, and all they know are situations in the 60’s, 70’s, and Hitler. They have nothing else. They have no vision for the future because they are stuck in the past, and I am about tired of hearing it. If the Lord doesn’t come soon, I’ll leave it like that.

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