Watch: Dem Feels The Need To Tell America How Democrats Don’t Mourn Death Of Terrorist General

How are the Democrats managing to attract all of these hot women to their party?

Americans have been calling out Democrats who verbally attacked Pres. Trump over his response, sending drones into Iraq to attack those who U.S. intelligence claimed attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani was among those who were killed.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro went to the House floor to say she did not “mourn the loss of Qasem Soleimani,’ who she said “killed American personnel and allies.”

So then WHY, Ms. DeLauro, did you and the rest of your friends, take Soleimani off from the sanctions list? Which meant that he got funds from the $150 billion that Barack Obama gave to Iran claiming that it “that belonged to them.” Yep, it belonged to people like Soleimani who were criminals and were withheld so that they couldn’t use it against us.

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DeLauro was instrumental in getting through Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that gave these reprobates money to continue their killing. But, when the missiles are shot at us, they were bought by some “nameless” someone, with some other source of money, and lifting sanctions and giving back money had nothing to do with it? You can’t find such caviling stupidity outside of academia, the media, and politicians.

As for “imminent attacks” not being told to you, Soleimani put together at least seven attacks against the U.S. in the last bunch of days? Do you think this is the last one that he had planned? And he, the planner of terrorism for Iran, was in Iraq to broker a peace? You have to be terminally ignorant to believe such drivel.

DeLauro speech included the following:

“The War Powers Resolution simply requires the President to consult with the Congress and with the American public before going to war with Iran.

“Our constituents held their breath on Tuesday. Thankfully, no lives were lost in Iran’s retaliatory attack.

“But, serious concerns remain, about the rationale and the ramifications.

“We do not mourn the loss of Qasem Soleimani. As the leader of the Quds Force, he was responsible for actions that harmed and killed American personnel and allies, and I condemn that. But, any U.S. military action, especially one that could spark catastrophic consequences, needs to be carefully considered, fully justified within the law. President Trump failed to consult the Congress, failed to secure specific authorization, failed to cite with specificity the imminent threat.

“In a classified briefing for Members of Congress, the administration would not, could not provide any specifics about what constituted an imminent threat. They couldn’t tell us what the targets were nor would they divulge any of the timelines for the attack. It is unprecedented, the level at which this administration is seeking to obscure the facts from the Congress and the American people.

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“The rationale is in doubt. The ramifications are, as well. The U.S. announced it will suspend our fight against ISIS. Iraq’s Prime Minister and the legislature moved to expel our troops. The Iranian leaders announced they would no longer abide by the 2015 nuclear deal.

“President Trump’s actions have dramatically increased the possibility of war with Iran and Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Today, Americans and our allies are less safe as a result of the administration’s actions.

“Let us reassert the Congress’s role to ensure that the president, any president is complying with the law and was not conducting lengthy military actions without Congressional approval. Let us prevent, let us prevent another unnecessary war. Let us vote for this rule and this resolution.”

DeLauro comes across with a personality to match her disposition. AND YES, some Dems did mourn Soleimani. Some of MSM reports made him sound like some wise old figure in Iran.

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Iran has too many allies in this country in Congress and the news.

During the past wars, the public only learned of what was taking place after the fact to keep the enemy from finding out. Make no mistake we have been at war with Iran since the 1900 hundreds. Iran is not able at this time to take it to a full scale but time is on their side. The more allies they can place in our Congress will eventually help bring this country down.

Keep that in mind when you vote.


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