Dem Strategist — We Used Allegations At The Last Possible Minute And Retraumatized People

To hear this Democrat call out his party for their actions is music to my ears!

Bryan Dean Wright, a Democrat strategist, blasted his party on Fox & Friends, citing how they could have easily investigated all of the individuals involved or named but Sen. Dianne Feinstein wanted to delay and obstruct before the confirmation vote. She held that information and then acted like her feelings were hurt when it was suggested that her office leaked it to the media.

Republicans who were outraged by the evil tactics Democrats used against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are chomping at the bit, but can’t vote for another month. What’s worse, tens of thousands of illegal aliens, dead people and cartoon characters have already voted on the Democrat side.

Democrats have done so many terrible things against the American people that they now seem beyond any justice because our courts can’t handle the strain. As the Democrats keep the courts full with illegals, there isn’t any room to prosecute them and soon the prisons will be so full of illegals that we will have to open new facilities just to have a place to put them if and when they start being held accountable for their crimes.

Source: Daily Caller

Democrat strategist Bryan Dean Wright joined “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to talk about why he thinks his own party’s efforts to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are likely to backfire.

“Democrats will suffer the rightful consequences of using the victims of sexual assault to advance a political agenda,” Wright, a former CIA agent, claimed in an op-ed column for Fox News.

Wright explained that while he agreed the accusations should have been addressed, Democrats went about doing so in the wrong way.

“We had the opportunity to do the right thing work with Republicans quietly, privately, and investigate the allegations — not in the public domain, not do a fact-finding mission in front of cameras, but to do it discreetly,” he said. “Instead we used allegations at the last possible minute, rallied up our base and frankly retraumatized a whole bunch of people. Not just Ms. Ford but a lot of folks in America who suffered from sexual assault. So that is the strategy that I found appalling watching these past couple of months.”

Wright noted that the proximity to midterms could be damaging to his party as well, particularly if independents felt the same way as he did about the way the confirmation hearings had played out.

I wish we could vote right now. The Democrats would be destroyed. Who knows what these lying, phony non-thinkers will come up with in the next four weeks? Something, for sure. But if their previous lying, phony strategy is any indication, it will only make things worse for them, and we can all look forward to watching them go down again like the shrieking lunatics they are.

I have been paying attention to #WalkAway. There are a lot of Independents and Democrats who are fed up, and the Kavanaugh drama was the last straw. Especially during the past week, the number of people who have changed their voter registration to Republican is outstanding! It gives me great hope to see, hear and believe their testimonials. We all have to be strong at the polls come voting time, but I have faith that there are more joining us than we realize.

But, the Republicans that we know had better make the polls or you will see just how many of these loons will be voting, the numbers on the house races had better change soon or the Republicans will lose the House.

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