Dem Senator Tweets Pic Of Dead Syrian Boy To Play Emotional Card

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy took an emotional slap at President Donald Trump and the executive order to stop unvetted refugees from entering our nation when he tweeted this out on Friday evening.

Democrats like to play the emotional card for anything and everything. It covers their lack of logic and common sense. Murphy even thought about his position overnight on Saturday afternoon; he jumped back on Twitter to back up his angry rhetoric.

If Murphy had so much reluctance to Obama’s non-military solution to take care of ISIS, why wasn’t he on the wall blowing the horn of disagreement?

Just think if Obama had used forces against Syrian’s President Assad, Americans would have learned later Obama siding with ISIS with our military would have set so many problems this nation might never recover.

Obama was on the wrong side of this fight, and he never corrected his decision. Sen. Murphy knows this but his emotional plea to low-informational voters is an attempt to dumb down the real threat, and that is stopping unvetted refugees from entering our country.

One thing Murphy didn’t say in these tweets is what happened to the men of this country that stopped them from fighting for their existence. America is not the section 8 of this world. We can’t take for everyone, and we shouldn’t want to. Fighting against terrorist and saving your country sometimes takes a fighter to reach down within himself or herself and making necessary sacrifices.

Murphy doesn’t know how to fight, or he fights against Republicans and not our enemies.

His rhetoric makes me sick, and I can’t stand him or the Democrats! They can’t embolden Syrians to fight for their country, but they are willing to accept them over here unvetted, never knowing if something might occur like San Bernardino or Orlando.

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Wayne Dupree

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