“Dem Dogs” Will Be Out Tomorrow by Hook or Crook!

Anticipation arises over tomorrow’s long awaited Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act or as it has unaffectionately been termed ObamaCare. The Democrat dogs will be out in full force you can bet, frothing at the mouth to either attack the Supreme Court should it rule that any part of the healthcare law is unconstitutional or ready to party hard if it is passed, patting each other on the back and probably sipping champagne on our dime, at least out last dime before they get the rest of our money come 2013.

The Democrats are already setting up for their attacks too. Politico contacted disgraced, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner and Kate Nocera reports,

“Passing the law was the good thing to do and the right thing to do, but the campaign for it kind of stopped the moment it was passed. It was an article of faith that once people understood the benefits of the law, they would like it,” he said. “We were right on the substance, and right on the politics in the long term. But we have not done nearly as good a job fighting for it, communicating it, and defending it.”

Weiner said that given the enormity of the health care system and the massive bill that Democrats passed to help fix it, public approval was “never going to happen automatically.” He said he contacted the White House to find out what it was doing to mark the law’s first anniversary — as he set up several online and public events to talk about the law — and was surprised the administration had very little planned.

He’s not making any solid bets as to what the court will end up deciding but if justices do strike it down, he firmly believes “they’ll be wrong on precedent and wrong on the law.”

He is right about one thing public approval was “never going to happen automatically.” I have even better news for Weiner man: It will NEVER happen among those of us who love freedom and it will NEVER happen among those who uphold and defend the Constitution.

The real issue is that Weiner doesn’t know a thing about the law, nor precedent. In not one place of the U.S. Constitution does it give authority to the federal government to mandate that people purchase a product. To do like the liberals always do and claim the commerce clause is just ludicrous.

I don’t think the call will be that hard here though. I would say that the Democrats will simply do what they always have done and that is play the class warfare card. If that doesn’t work they’ll use the race card. I’m pretty sure Barack Obama will stick with blaming Bush for this. Matter of fact, in the Politico article Weiner reference Bush vs. Gore, so don’t be surprised if that comes up. I know, I know, how in the world can Obamacare tanking in the Supreme Court be Bush’s fault? The reality is, it can’t.

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Wayne Dupree

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