Dem Congressman Says Trump May Offend Some But He’s Firm, Resolute

Whenever you can get a Democrat saying anything positive about President Trump, you’ve got to grab it and share it, which is what I am doing.

Rep. Andre Carson is not a Trump supporter and so the most positive things he can say about Trump, I had to grab. Carson was speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about Trump’s speech at the United Nations on Tuesday.

Trump called out North Korea, Iran, radical Islamic terrorism, and also chose to use “Rocket Man” term for Kim Jong-Un which many found funny. Carson said many people might not like how Trump goes about handling the situation, but he gave him credit for being firm, especially against North Korea.

Source: Free Beacon

Speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Carson discussed how Trump’s speech projected U.S. strength, as well as the president’s own personality. Trump fiercely denounced North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and his nuclear program in the speech, prompting Blitzer to bring it up with Carson, who serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

“What do you think of his words, when he said if necessary the U.S. ‘will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea’?” Blitzer asked. “And he also referred to Kim Jong Un once again as ‘Rocket Man.’”

“Well, President Trump is being who he is,” Carson said. “He’s provocative. He’s entertaining. And some people would say he’s resolute.”

“I think that his language would be offensive to others because it might not set the right tone in terms of establishing diplomatic relationships,” Carson said. “I do, however, believe — to President Trump’s credit — that you have to be firm, particularly with our enemies, particularly those who have threatened to do us harm.”

“You have to be very firm,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a chance to dance around the issues.”

Watch the interview here:

I didn’t expect Carson to become a glowing representative for Trump as he answers to Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her hateful rhetoric but at least for one day, we were able to see a Democratic Congressman back the Republican President on how he’s handling the nation.

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