Dem AG Found Guilty On All Counts For Using Office As Political Weapon—This Is Bad!

Day after day, a politician goes down for some form of corruption, and the American people are not introduced to that information because it’s not important enough for the mainstream media.

According to, Pennsylvania’s AG Kathleen G. Kane was convicted of obstruction, perjury, and other crimes all because she wanted to smear a rival. Only the Clintons get away with perjury. What was she thinking?

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From Philly:

Four years after Kane’s election in a landslide as the first Democrat and first woman elected attorney general, a jury of six men and six women found her guilty of all charges: two counts of perjury and seven misdemeanor counts of abusing the powers of her office.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele persuaded jurors that Kane orchestrated the illegal leak of secret grand jury documents to plant a June 2014 story critical of her nemesis, former state prosecutor Frank Fina. Kane then lied about her actions under oath, the jury found.

Kane, 50, who rose from a hardscrabble upbringing in Scranton to win a statewide post in her first bid for office, was stoic as the verdict was read. Her twin sister, Ellen Granahan, a prosecutor on her staff, was with her in court.

The jury deliberated for 41/2 hours before pronouncing Kane’s guilt in a verdict that her lawyer, Gerald Shargel, called “a crushing blow.” He vowed to appeal. Shargel said no decision had been made about whether Kane would resign from office. Gov. Wolf, who had called for Kane to resign after her arrest, said Monday night that she should now do so immediately.

Kane, for her part, left the courtroom without addressing reporters.

Here’s the irony, they charged Kane for classified information, yet let Hillary Clinton off with perjury and putting national security at risk? America has become the laughing stock of the world now.

I guess she thought, “If Hillary gets away with what she has done, so will I.” You can’t have dirty political leaders at the top and not think the lower downs won’t engage in it either. Hillary has sold out to too many companies and governments to be trusted or in charge of this nation.

Kane should do the time. Give her a year in jail. There is NO excuse for an experienced attorney in her position to violate the public trust and the law as she did. Put her in jail. Disbar her. Let her find a new career when she gets paroled.

Well, we know she’s not a Republican or that would have been in the headline.

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