After Removing NRA Discounts, Delta Lost A $50M Tax Break And Released This Letter!

Delta CEO Ed Bastain is feeling the deep wound he opened up when he chose to discipline NRA members by removing discounts with the organization.

This comes on the heel of the Parkland mass shooting that resulted in school students blaming the National Rifle Association instead of the local law officials and FBI who had advanced warning of this possibility.

Bastain’s company was directly called out by one of the students who challenged them to cut ties with the 2nd amendment advocate organization. When the company decided to punish NRA members by removing Delta travel discounts, Georgia lawmakers said they were stripping Delta of a $50 million tax break.

Now Delta is choking off that news, and in an attempt to clean up what they’ve done, they are choosing to change their language to get back in the good graces of the Georgia legislature.

Source: Washington Examiner

Delta had announced on Saturday that it would end its group travel discount for those traveling to the NRA’s annual meeting, and also asked for Delta’s name and logo from the NRA’s website.

As a result, Republican lawmakers in Georgia stripped a tax break for Delta out of the bill they were considering. The tax break was an exemption for jet fuel that was worth $50 million to Delta.

The airline has also come under criticism from pulling its discount for the NRA but continuing to donate to left-leaning organizations, including one that partners with Planned Parenthood.

A few weeks ago when Trump introduced his tax plan, the Democrats raised hell saying he was giving huge tax cuts to big business. Now they are raising hell because the state of Georgia is going to cut those big tax cuts on Delta. Man, they want everything their way, huh?

Anyone that thinks Delta will move to Minneapolis or anywhere else over $40 million is crazy. Atlanta is one of the busiest airports in the world. If they want to play politics, they just learned that there are consequences sometimes.

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I think this is a good decision by the Georgia legislature. Some of these companies are making decisions based on how the liberal wind is blowing. The NRA did nothing wrong, in fact, they teach gun safety and responsible ownership. This Parkland, Florida kid did the shooting, and the local police and FBI ignored the warnings. Why penalize NRA members for something they are not responsible for. Delta will rue the day.

one more thing to remember, when the government tells you that you don’t need guns, is when you need them the most.

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