Death Threats Cause Omarosa To Reschedule Wedding Day—Please Pray!

Manigault has been a huge voice and supporter of Pres. Trump throughout the campaign and she defend him on many occasions from media attacks. White House press reporter April Ryan is one of the last incidents who crossed Omarosa’s path and felt the passion.

It seems that Omarosa’s big day has come and gone but will be scheduled for a later date because sick Americans have decided to threaten her life. The threats must have been serious enough to make this type of decision.

Omarosa reportedly has cried over a number of friends she lost supporting Trump, but the country needs her and the President. The thought of

Source: Inquisitr 

As reported by the Daily Mail,Omarosa has made changes to her upcoming wedding to Pastor John Allen Newman, all because of death threats and reactions from some of the congregants in Pastor Newman’s Florida church. Omarosa’s wedding was scheduled for March 25. The wedding venue was scheduled to be The Sanctuary @ Mt. Calvary in Jacksonville, Florida. However, due to phone calls and online messages sent via social media and email, Omarosa feels the threats have left her in a position of not being protected well enough.

Therefore, 43-year-old Omarosa has delayed her wedding to the 61-year-old Pastor Newman. There have been other changes to the upcoming nuptials as well, such as the fact that Omarosa’s seven bridesmaids have been reduced to three bridesmaids. Arguments with friends caused some bridesmaids to back out. One of those famous bridesmaids to say no to her role in Omarosa’s wedding was April Ryan, a White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, who is oftentimes seen going toe-to-toe with Sean Spicer in White House daily briefings.

Reportedly due to Omarosa’s ties to President Trump, some of Omarosa’s friends have backed away from what they see is opportunistic behavior. Those changes have caused only the three women left planned to stand with Manigault during her wedding. Instead of having the wedding at the Florida church, Omarosa will marry Pastor Newman on April 8, in Washington, D.C. The location of the wedding in D.C. has not been disclosed, but betting folks are likely putting their money on the notion that the wedding could be held at a Trump property.

Reports are that attendees will be screened before given access to the wedding on April 8th. Omarosa has my full support and prayers going forward for a successful event.

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