#DCMustListen: New Poll Shows Americans to Blame Obama/Democrats if Gov’t Shutdown becomes reality

A new Democratic Poll shows Americans will blame President Barack Obama and his Democratic cohorts the most if a threatened Government shutdown becomes a reality. The media’s main talking point up to this point is that Republicans will get the blame if Obama shuts down the Government to save funding for his disastrous ObamaCare law:


About three-quarters of Americans are concerned that a potential government shutdown would hurt them personally, according to a new poll conducted for the Peter G. Peterson Foundation by a Democratic pollster.

The Global Strategy Group poll shows 74 percent are concerned that their own personal financial situation will worsen as a result of a shutdown, with 49 percent being “very” concerned.

Another 62 percent think it’s “likely” that their personal financial situation will worsen.

The poll also shows Americans are split on whom to blame for the potential shutdown. While 35 percent would blame Republicans in Congress, 29 percent would blame President Obama and another 12 percent would blame congressional Democrats — a total of 41 percent blaming either Obama or his Democratic allies in Congress.

Previous polling suggests the blame would be pretty evenly split between both parties. . . . Read More

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Wayne Dupree

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