David Hogg Claims He’s “Survived” 7 Assassination Attempts THIS YEAR!

It’s good that David Hogg survived even though he was nowhere near the threats, just like how he was nowhere near the school when the shooting occurred.

Hogg told the Huffington Post that this year alone, he’s survived seven assassination attempts due to the high cost of teen activism. Yeah, ok. He survived all these “attempts” by not being there when they happened.

I seriously doubt this claim of seven “assassination” attempts. I think that no fewer than two out of seven would have been successful. He’s out of the spotlight and will do anything to get back in the news. Hey Hogg, tell us again how you were a survivor when you weren’t even in the same building where the shooting took place?

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Surviving something means you lived through it. Hogg was not at the school at the time of the shooting, so he didn’t live through it. What he did was take advantage of a horrible situation. Now that he got his 15 seconds, and there is blowback, he isn’t so happy. People didn’t agree with him and he is paying the price for his 15 seconds. NOTE: If people are threatening him and his family, that is unacceptable and wrong.

After the 2017 shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, then-17-year-old survivor David Hogg and several of his young classmates forced the nation to sit up and have a tough — and different — conversation about gun violence. The teens marched for their lives, and challenged seasoned gun lobbyists and lawmakers on live television. They led protests and boycotts, and inspired young people across the country to register and vote for candidates who support more stringent gun control.

On Tuesday, Hogg, now 19, shared with The Washington Post the high cost that’s come with the teens’ activism. His and his family’s safety have been put at risk, he said. In the past year alone, “there have been seven assassination attempts” on his life, Hogg said.

“I want to go to school and, for lack of a better word, weaponize my knowledge and learn as much as possible to end violence,” Hogg, who is expected to attend Harvard in the fall, told the Post.

“I also realize, if they kill me, that’s probably the stupidest thing they could do to try to end the movement,” Hogg said of those wanting to do him harm. “Because that would make it even more successful in the end. Because it would invigorate us and create fucking change.” [Huff Post]

I wonder if David escaped these attempts on his bike.

This guy is like, amazing! He’s survived seven assassination attempts this year alone. Add to that all the airline crashes, tornadoes, mass shootings, vehicle accidents, and outbreaks of diseases that this guy survives, and it’s astounding. You would think a network would film a real reality survival show with this guy. Just hire a few cameramen to follow Hogg around on his bicycle. It could be a 24-hour channel.

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Will he ever go away? This is not about David, as he was at home when the shooting occurred, his younger sister was in the school, he went over there on his bicycle to see if she was okay. At least that is what he said on the first day. Then he led people to believe he was a student an M. Stoneham H.S. and he just lied and lied his way through it. There is nothing he says that I believe, all he wants is to have his face in front of the camera, “look at me, look at me.” He wants to go to work for CNN, they won’t even be in business by the time he graduates from college.

Maybe he should take the hint and vanish. He was a nobody until this tragedy occurred and is using it to cash in. He should be ashamed of himself. This kid has given me the creeps ever since the day of the shooting and he sat down with reporters like he was on some talk show.

He’s not a survivor of any shootings. He never went to school that day. You can’t survive something you were never present for. If that’s the case I survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I was never there personally but my parents were alive when it happened.

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