WOW! David Axlerod — Northam Is A Dead Man Walking Now

On Saturday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference to defend himself against racist photos found on his medical 1984 yearbook.

Allegedly, Northam appeared in a yearbook photo that showed two individuals — one in blackface, the other with a KKK hood. During Saturday’s conference, Northam claimed he was not in that photo, but did wear blackface on a separate occasion, as Michael Jackson.

Former Barack Obama Senior Advisor and Democrat bad boy David Alexrod claimed that Northam was a “dead man walking,” speaking about the political career of the Governor.

Speaking with S.E. Cupp on Saturday, Axelrod first called Northam’s press conference where he claimed it was not him in a photo — a photo which showed both a person in blackface and a person in Klan robes — a  “disaster.”

“Look, he had an egregious and offensive and awful error of judgment when he was in his 20s, and that was bad enough,” Axelrod stressed. “And that was enough to cost him his job. But now he has a huge credibility problem.”

He continued on: “You saw the statement. You read it from yesterday. It was a very, very thorough acknowledgment, admission. And to come back today and say, you know, actually, that wasn’t me. I mean, who can believe that? And beyond which, as I said today, and you said it here, this was on his page. He can argue somehow it was on his page in error. Did he not look at his own yearbook? You know, most of us do check our page out in our yearbook.”

Source: Mediaite

I hope he doesn’t resign! Delegate and State Senate elections are happening in November. GOP’s majorities are hanging by a thread in both chambers. Please, Northam, stay! Depress that leftist turnout in an off-off-year election!

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