Danney Williams, Bill Clinton’s Alleged Love Child RIPS Megyn Kelly; There Was No DNA Test!

Matt Drudge reported earlier today how Danney Williams, alleged son of Bill Clinton, is giving an interview next week for the first time ever. Williams has been ridiculed by the liberal media while fighting back lies and innuendos but he’s stayed the course and on target.

Williams wants to meet Clinton and sort things out, but Bill has not given him a chance. I didn’t hear what Fox News Megyn Kelly said about Danney but his Facebook post tonight seemed as if she ticked him off big time.

From Danney Williams Facebook page:

Sorry, Megyn Kelly- the DNA test that allegedly proved that I’m not Bill Clinton’s son is a fraud. The Clintons have never flat-out denied that I’m not Bill’s son, and the media ignored me. Just prior to Hillary’s Senate bid in 2000, the Clintons planted a story claiming DNA evidence absolved Bill of being my father. The story ran in the Star tabloid; the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz and Time magazine accepted that story at face value.

Incredibly, all failed to report the Star was owned at the time by Roger Altman, a former Clinton administration official and college “friend of Bill.” A major Clinton donor, Altman had to resign in 1994 as a deputy secretary of the Clinton Treasury Department when he got caught giving the Clintons the heads up on theWhitewater investigation.

Altman gave $5,000 to the Ready for Hillary PAC in 2013.10 Just this year; Altman contributed $250,000 to Priorities USA, a pro-Hillary PAC.11 In fact, the Altman/Kazickas Foundation has given the Clinton Foundation between $250,000 and $500,000.

No one can produce the alleged DNA test.

The current owners of the Star now deny there was ever a DNA test performed and restated the circumstances of my birth in 2013 in the Globe, which they also own. Indeed, the Star files include no DNA test or documentation of it. The Altman-owned Star’s Clinton/Danney Williams DNA story was disinformation, and a willing media fell for it.

Honestly, I don’t know what the hell is going on with this but it’s going to be intriguing this TV interview and many will be waiting to see what Bill will say after this. If I know the Clintons, they will walk right past it and try to ignore it.

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